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Wishing you a Joyful Festive Season!

Arwoooooo! Hi friends, I'm Willy the Wolf and together with my pack 'The Howlers' I live in the beautiful wilderness of Yellowstone National Park in Montana (that's my home above!).

We've been living a pretty sweet and undisturbed life here ever since some wonderful people reintroduced wolves to the area back in 1996. The problem is, the minute we step one paw outside of the park boundaries we're 'fair game' for hunters, just like in most other parts of the world. Our species has been feared and misunderstood for centuries, which continues to make life very hard for us. We are unfairly stereotyped as 'big and bad' through children's bed-time stories, myths and legends of the past.

The good news is, this 'old story' is slowly coming to an end! More and more people are finally recognising the inner and outer beauty of wolves. We have a very important role to play in helping to restore the biodiversity and health of the planet. By studying wolves, humans are learning more about ecology, social structures and how ecosystems function. Read about our 'Yellowstone reintroduction' success story here.

Thank you from Willy and The Howlers - Arwooo!!!


Now to something entirely different, our Eco-friendly Christmas ideas! As the festive season is upon us, we wanted to share some ideas for a sustainable, ethical and nature-friendly Christmas celebration. We hope they offer inspiration to swap some of the environmentally damaging and wasteful traditions in favour of more conscious, caring and sustainable alternatives. Even small steps and changes can have a big impact!

Wishing you happy & jolly Christmas celebrations!

With Love,

Laura & Jon with Twix (the little 'wolf')

Pictures below from Willy & his friends in Yellowstone NP, November 2017.


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