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RWN Monthly Challenge - October!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Hello friends! We're Billy and Bobby the Badgers. We like to hang out in our warm and cosy underground den with the rest of our badgy-clan. But we've popped up to send you happy autumn vibes! Are you enjoying this beautiful season full of colours as much as we are? It's a great time to observe how nature around us is changing day by day. And also a time to reflect and look inward to see which changes we might want to make in tune with the new season.

One change we are committing to is getting our bodies ready for winter - yeehaaah!

That means more time foraging and eating to build up some nice chubby insulation round the midriff. Now pass the earthworms please, we'll be munching away while you get busy with the October challenge..toodeloo loves!

RWN Challenge - October:

1. Go outside! Spend as much time as you can in nature, ideally every day for at least 20 mins. Take time to be still and simply listen to the sounds around you. Like Mr. Squirrel here :)

2. Watch Intelligent Trees a heart warming and eye-opening documentary about how trees communicate and care for each other. Available on vimeo. Then, when you have a chance, hug a tree, connect with it and show it some love. Ask yourself the question.."what's it like to be you tree"? Put yourself in their roots :)

3. Get creative! Collect colourful leaves, chestnuts, acorns and pinecones to make DIY decorations or create fun games with kids. Click here for some inspiration. We've used some leaves to make low-waste 'business cards' - thank you nature!

Have a wonderful autumn season!

Laura & Jon

Facebook: @reconwithnature

Twitter: @reconwithnature

Instagram: @reconwithnature


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