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Reconnect with Nature is now online!


We’re delighted to officially publish our website Reconnect with Nature. After almost one year of researching, discussing, writing, drawing and designing we feel the time is right to share this educational platform. The heavy and often depressing topics such as the climate emergency and ecological catastrophe, inspired us to communicate through our website the opportunities for positive change.

At the heart of this website is the Web of Change, where we highlight eight core lifestyle changes that we have adopted over recent years on our path towards a more ecological way of living. As you will see, some of the topics are ‘coming soon’, which is partly because they are work in progress and also because we didn’t want to overwhelm readers with too much information right from the start.

The Reconnect with Nature educational platform is for all age groups. Our aim is to keep a positive and light-hearted tone with illustrations and animal characters that help communicate often serious topics in a more endearing way. We would love to hear any feedback you have through our contact page or via social media.

Join us on this exciting journey by clicking ‘Join our Community’ to receive the latest updates via email.

Together we can take action and make lifestyle changes to help save our planet!

Laura & Jon


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