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RWN Monthly Challenge - August!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Here comes Mikey the Monkey (our Green Living hero) whizzing around on his e-scooter to ring in the August RWN Monthly Challenge - uh uh ah ah!

The aim of this month's challenge is to become aware of just how much our daily activities impact the planet by calculating your personal ecological footprint. It's sometimes easy to forget that practically all of our daily activities depend on the planet's natural resources such as water, air, wood, soil, metals and minerals which are finite and running out. Taking a shower, flushing the toilet, washing clothes or dishes, cooking food, buying products, travelling to work, using and charging electronic devices..the list goes on and on!

The good news is that we can start with individual change RIGHT NOW! By making simple, gradual adaptations to our habits and behaviours we can significantly reduce our personal environmental footprint and feel good about taking positive action. 

Here are some examples of things we can do right away. Check out the full list on Mikey the Monkey's page. And if we've missed something out, send us a message! We're always eager to learn about new Green Living tips.

RWN Challenge - August:

1. Switch to reusable shopping bags Find yourself some durable fabric shopping and fruit & vegetable bags. You probably have some suitable ones lying around at home already. That way you can avoid using single-use plastic or paper bags for wrapping fruit and veggies at the shop or farmers market. At the checkout just smile and say 'no thanks' if you are offered a bag.

2. Make an effort to conserve water as much as possible!

  • Time your showers and see if you can reduce it to 3 minutes maximum.

  • Turn the tap or shower off when you don't need running water e.g. when brushing your teeth, shampooing your hair, scrubbing the dishes etc.

3. Make Ecosia your default search engine

Ecosia works like any other search engine and generates income through advertising. The major difference is that they use at least 80% of profits to fund reforestation projects. What an easy way to help planting trees! See the Ecosia FAQ section to find out how you can set Ecosia as your

default search engine or homepage in your browser.

  • Click here for the Safari extension

  • Click here for Chrome extension

Don't forget small individual changes DO matter! It starts with each and every one of us taking responsibility and making a start.

If you aren't doing so yet, follow us on social media for more daily inspiration on what we can do to help save our planet.

Facebook: @reconwithnature

Twitter: @reconwithnature

Instagram: @reconwithnature

Come join us! Together it’s much more fun :)

Laura & Jon


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