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RWN Monthly Challenge - July!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

With the help of Henrietta the Hedgehog (our Rewilding our Outdoor Spaces mascot) here is the RWN July Challenge!

The aim of this months challenge is to take a closer look around you and identify wildlife that you might not have noticed or known about before AND to learn about some uplifting examples of people making positive changes around the world to help save our planet.

RWN Challenge - July:

1. Watch the documentary Tomorrow (available on iTunes or DVD). Full of inspirational stories about people all over the world creating positive change towards a better future. If you’ve already seen it, you could watch Living the Change (available on iTunes, Vimeo or Google play) or This Changes Everything (available on iTunes and Vimeo).

2. Download the Seek app by iNaturalist and identify the plants and animals around you.

Share any photos you take via email or social media, we would love to see them!

Share the RWN challenge far and wide amongst your friends, family, children and work colleagues!

Facebook: @reconwithnature

Twitter: @reconwithnature

Instagram: @reconwithnature

Come join us! Together it’s much more fun :)

Laura & Jon


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