Hi, I'm Peggy the Pangolin and sitting on my scaly tail is my baby Piney (he looks a bit like a pine cone :). We live in the African savannah and like to munch on ants and termites which we slurp up with our really long tongues..yummy! Pangolins are shy animals and we like to rummage about at night. When we feel scared or threatened by predators we curl up into a ball, which protects us against lions and tigers, but it doesn't help us against humans. 


You may not know this but Pangolins are the most illegally traded mammals in the world! We are killed for our meat and scales so excessively that we're at risk of extinction. Piney and I want to raise awareness for ALL animals that are illegally killed and traded to the point of extinction, just because humans are greedy and have strange beliefs. Find out more about illegal wildlife trade and the campaigns to end it here.


One day we'll record a podcast of our own and our dream would be to get on the TED-talk stage until then I'll leave with you with some of our favourite podcasts and TED-talks with ideas worth spreading!  


Peggy recommends:


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