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plant-based recipes

Hey peeps! I'm Penny the Panda, plant-based food guru and chef extraordinaire. If you think pandas only eat bamboo shoots (ha!) or vegans only eat salad (ha ha!), you're in for a nice surprise. Here are some of my favourite whole-food plant-based recipes (WFPB), which I've perfected over the years, having been inspired by some excellent cookbooks including the How Not to Die Cookbook and the China Study Cookbook.

Most of the recipes below are made without added fats, oils and refined sugars. The recommendation by physicians advocating WFPB eating, such as Dr. Tom Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Michael Greger, is to largely avoid added fats and oils. There are of course naturally occurring fats contained in many plant-based foods (avocados, nuts, coconut milk). These are fine in moderation, just don't go nuts on them :)

Click on a recipe of your choosing below and let's start cooking, experimenting and best of all EATING!

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