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Ahoi mateys! I'm Kingsley the Kingfisher and fishing is what I do best! I have my little nest right next to a pond, so I'm always just a swoop away from my next meal. Birdwatchers seem to get all excited when they catch a glimpse of me. It must be my handsome bright orange and blue feathers - I dress to impress! Given my attractive appearance, I'm the poster boy for the Infographics section. For those of you who want less reading and more visuals, check out these excellent and easy-to-understand topic overviews to help spread the word towards a kinder and better planet!


  • The Life of a Cow - the less known facts about the lives of meat and dairy cows 

  • Cowspiracy - the impact of industrial agriculture on the planet and the environment

  • Plastics Breakdown - how plastic pollution is affecting the oceans and its inhabitants

  • Biodiversity - Biggest threats to Biodiversity

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