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Hoo hoo readers, I'm Ollie the Owl. They don't call me the wise old owl for nothing. I spend most of my days reading (ok, sometimes I snooze too), waiting for dusk so I can fly over the fields to search for a tasty meal. My great great grandparents once said it used to be easy to find food years ago when wildlife was plentiful, but nowadays it's really difficult... there are much more buildings, people, waste and dangerous vehicles to watch out for. 


It all sounds doom and gloom, but despair not.. I've searched high and low to find some truly inspirational books that have the power to change our views and give us hope of a greener and more compassionate future. So without further ado, here is a reading list I'd like to share with you..hoo hoo!



Climate / Nature/ Permaculture/ Ecology

Economics/ Business


Society and Human Behaviours

Lifestyle & Home

Holistic Health / Plant-Based Foods




Ollie recommends:

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